Taking Your Runs to New Heights with On Cloud Shoes

Taking Your Runs to New Heights with On Cloud Shoes

On Cloud Shoes

Most runners are familiar with the Swiss brand On Running and their unique CloudTec cushioning system. But what exactly sets On shoes apart from all the other running sneakers on the market? While the instantly recognizable podded sole catches the eye, plenty of proprietary design elements work together to make On one of the most innovative performance shoe brands today.

The Origins of On Running

On was co-founded by Swiss engineer Caspar Coppetti and former world champion duathlete Olivier Bernhard in 2010. Interested in developing a running shoe that delivered an unparalleled running sensation, the pair engineered an entirely new cushioning system. Hundreds of prototypes later, they landed on the final design for the patented CloudTec sole.

The technology uses circular pods strategically placed on a flat buffer outsole to deliver two key benefits: a soft landing and explosive takeoff. Combined with On’s Speedboard plate for smooth transitions and lightweight Helion foam for responsiveness, the CloudTecsole provided a running experience like no other shoe.

What Makes the CloudTec Sole So Revolutionary?

When your foot strikes the ground in shoes, the rounded pods compress to absorb shock and cushion impact. As you transition to the toe-off phase of your stride, the flat surface between pods ensures no energy gets lost and propels you forward with purpose. Ultimately, the CloudTec system aims to make running feel almost effortless.

Their unique sole technology sets On Cloud Shoes apart from the competition. Every pair of On Cloud Shoes is equipped with their patented CloudTec® technology, consisting of individual cloud-like pods on the shoe’s sole. These clouds are strategically placed to cushion the landing and provide a “spring-like” effect during takeoff, resulting in a smoother and more natural running or walking experience.

Due to the strategic placement under pressure points, the pods facilitate smoother foot movement through all stride phases. The combined cushioning and propulsion ultimately encourage better-running form as your feet intuitively adjust to the unique sole design. The pod-buffer interaction creates what On calls the “running on clouds” floating sensation.


On Cloud Shoes

Other Key Components and Features

Beyond the CloudTec cushioning, On incorporates several other critical elements into their high-performance shoes:

Speedboard Plate: An arched plate under the middle portion of the foot rockers you forward into the next step and provides torsional rigidity without added weight.

Helion Foam: Made of lightweight EVA foam and designed specifically for running, Helion balances softness and response while retaining its cushioning properties over time.

Engineered Mesh Upper: Strategically zoned mesh uppers include areas of elasticity and structure that move and flex with your foot through the gait cycle.

Reflectivity: Signature reflective strips and accents improve visibility and keep you safe during low-light runs.

On Footwear Brand

Since its 2010 launch, On has added the Cloud range for ultimate cushioning, the Cyclon collection built for speed, and trail and hiking styles under the Cloudventure line. But across all varieties, the signature sole technology improves running efficiency.

The Benefits You Can Expect From Running Shoes

The combined proprietary technologies integrated into On Running shoes aim to deliver these key advantages:

  • Exceptional cushioning for injury prevention and fatigue reduction
  • Powered propulsion and toe spring for optimized running economy
  • A natural running sensation that encourages lighter foot strikes
  • Smoother transitions through all phases of the stride
  • Support and structure from directed stability guides in the midsole and upper
  • Aizome durability for long-lasting performance even at high mileages

Additionally, real-world runners praise the comfort, responsiveness, improved pace times, and protection against knee and joint pain found in On shoes. The unique appearance also allows plenty of self-expression on and off the roads.

On Running Continues to Innovate and Evolve

While the CloudTec cushioning remains paramount to On’s identity, they continually refine fabrics, incorporate new support elements, shave off weight, and enhance durability. With several patents to their name and awards confirming the quality, On leads the pack regarding ingenuity in the running world. They also boast an elite group of athletes and a growing fanbase.

On Cloud shoes deliver an unmatched running sensation for those looking to take their training and race days to the next level. The floating, propulsive ride improves performance, comfort, and enjoyment mile after mile. Give their patented sole system a try to join the On movement today.

On Running Shoes

With each passing day, On Clouds Shoes are becoming more popular among users due to their unique and latest technology. What makes On Clouds Shoes the best among the footwear brands is their variety of colors and designs for both genders.


In conclusion, On Cloud Shoes has swiftly risen to prominence in athletic footwear due to its unique combination of style and comfort. With their innovative sole technology, lightweight construction, and sleek design, these shoes offer a truly exceptional experience for runners and casual wearers. Whether you are chasing your next marathon or simply looking for a comfortable pair of shoes for everyday activities, On Cloud Shoes are undeniably worth considering. Trust the clouds and develop a new level of comfort and style with On Cloud Shoes.


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